Token Introduction

  • Token Name:Pig World Stock Coin (PICOs)

  • Supply:400,000,000 PICOs

  • ICO Time:
    June 28th, 2018 04:00 (UTC+0)
    July 18th, 2018 04:00 (UTC+0)

  • Standard:ERC20

  • Token Feature:Receiving Pig World plan's net profit

  • Token Price

    First Week : 1 ETH : 25,000 PICOs

    Second Week : 1 ETH : 21,000 PICOs

    Third Week : 1 ETH : 17,000 PICOs

PICOs Bonus

PICOs token holders will receive the dividends according to the number of token holdings, after the service goes online

How does Pig World earn money? Pig World benefits from a player's winning expectations of less than 1
Dividends payment method Send transaction to Pig World ICO contract
Release time Every three months (If the initial income is too low, it will be postponed)
Contract address ICO contract address
Gas Limit 250,000
Method name payDividends()
Release period 3 days
Estimated ROI since 2020 200%(A PICOs value: 100 USD)

*Pig World will suspend the transfer of all PICOs during the bonus period

Estimated Net Profits

Token distribution

Item Amount Ratio
Crowdsale ICO 200,000,000 PICOs 50%
Pig Word Team 118,000,000 PICOs 29% 
Private Placement 80,000,000 PICOs 20%
Reward Plan 2,000,000 PICOs 1%

Application of funds

Item Instruction Ratio
Product Development Service development, performance tuning, algorithm optimization 2%
Operation Operation security deposit 86% 
Sales and Market Development Advertising costs and market development in various countries 5%
Audit and Security Inspection Accounting audit, system security inspection 2%
Legal Affairs Gambling license application, company establishment 5%

Team member introduction

黃士晉 (Huang Shih Chin)


Entrepreneur + Full-time Engineer

Shih Chin has strong self-learning ability. He was a program instructor and an independent development game for the Google Store which was listed on the leader board. He is familiar with the blockchain, cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency mining principles(IThome interview)

李沅訓 (Li Yuan Shun)


Cryptocurrency Market Watcher

Yuan Shun is an early cryptocurrency player who masters the technology and cryptocurrency market. He has unique observation and insight to cryptocurrency. He correctly predicted the rapid cryptocurrency fluctuations for several times and received the x100 leverage earning

蔡宗廷 (Tsai Tsung Ting)

Backend Engineer

Former National Institutes of Health
AI Engineer

Tsung Ting developed a program to check protein activity during the Institutes. He used computer simulations before the experiments to improve the yield of test results. He has participated in two insurance APP developments and was responsible for APP security protection and black box attacks