What is PIG WORLD?

Not only a game platform build on Ethereum Blockchain

Pig World is a platform that provides decentralized and hybrid decentralized game. Since the games on the platform are all based on blockchain, they are fair and unhackable. We also integrate several latest technologies. In a hybrid decentralized game, you don't need to wait for the blockchain verification , and pay GAS fees, but you still have all the features of the Ethereum blockchain: privacy and authority.

The platform adopts hybrid architecture. Instead of interacting directly with smart contract, players sign the betting records with a private key and send to Pig World. Then the Pig World will upload all at once. Therefore, players do not need to pay Gas fee and taxes for any bets and awards. In addition, in order to maintain good experience during playing. Pig World use PG Channels, one of a Off-Chain architecture technique, so that game results can be generated immediately. Random SEED is also authoritative.


Competitive features

We are honored to introduce Pig World, a game platform that combines various technologies. Allows you to have a great gaming experience

Decentralized storage and protection

Whether it is a bet record, or unsold PIKO, all stored in the smart contract, so Pig World is not afraid of hacking and cheating.

0 Fee

Platform uses hybrid upload. You do not need to pay any gas fees for betting and winning

0 waiting

By PG Channels Off-Chain architecture technique, no need to wait while playing any game in the platform


Development schedule

This will help our team, and contributors understand our plans for future milestones


Pig World ICO 將於 6/28 展開,如果您願意提前參與預售,歡迎您填寫Email,我們會有專人與您聯繫。

  每次參與最少需要兌換 50 ETH
  比率將會 達到 1 ETH : 35,000 PICOs 以上

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